December 19, 2010

outfit du jour: christmas party!

jeans - James Jeans, sequin/beaded top: Beyond Vintage Brick Lane, London.

Whew! What an amazing and busy weekend filled with amazing friends, amazing food, and amazing laughs. love you all so much!

Less then a week till christmas! YAY!

xo denj

*photography by rsimmen and pwisenberg


Cee said...

I love this look for a Christmas party... it's simple but completely unique at the same time. Your vintage top is amazing! And your eyelashes are so long and curly...! I'm jealous :) What mascara do you use?

denj said...

thanks lovely! the mascara is XXL curl power by maybelline. best cheap mascara ever hehe xo

Anisa said...

AMAZING TOP! OMG I'M IN LOVE! the beading is amazing! and I'm also in love with your pups! SO PRECIOUS@

p.s. thanks for checking out my blog, do come back again :)


Kristine said...

You are seriously so pretty. I love that top so much!

Kristine. Or Polly.