December 27, 2010

outfit du jour: winter sunshine

sweater: H&M, striped top: New Look (UK), leggings: Aritzia, shoes, Aldo. photography by rsimmen.


gah! I cannot believe it's already time to go back to work tomorrow. Not excited. I'd much rather stay at home, hang out with my family, and wear this sweater 24/7 it's so giant and cozy. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, ate lots of turkey and desserts, stayed up late watching christmas movies,  and had fun with your families! I definitely did.


SO, now that christmas shopping is over the next shopping mission begins! What to wear for New Years!?


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xo denj


Cee said...

That sweater looks so comfortable, and I adore your boots! So cute :) Sorry you have to go back to work tomorrow, I have one more day of freedom and I'm already dreading when it will eventually end :P

Kristen said...

That sweater is gorgeous - love the colors and the oversize shape! Sorry you have work again tomorrow - I went back today and it was brutal! But at least we have NYE to look forward to, right?