January 13, 2011

inspiration: boho brights

The January Anthropologie catalogue just arrived in the mail, and as usual, I am lusting after every single item, not to mention the amazing photo styling. SIGH...  anyone with me?



ps. a bunch of new designs coming to my etsy shop very soon!



xo denj


Paul said...

SIGH. I'm lusting with you

Cee said...

My Anthropologie catalogue hasn't made it to me yet, but I'm sure I'll be right there with you when it does... I get a serious case of Toronto-envy every time it arrives in the mail :)

denj said...

hahaha thanks paul! - I'll try not to be so cheesy next time

Jodi said...

Hi Sis, mine came a few weeks ago. I too also LOVEING the floral chair!

kayla said...

Those booties are amazing!
Great blog! Hope you come and
follow mine :)