January 10, 2011

outfit du jour + photo diary

top: Joe Fresh, boots: Bronx, James Jeans via Bicyclette Boutique, cardigan: Club Monaco, necklace: Anthropologie

I had to get ready in less than 15 minutes so I just threw a few of my favourite things on, and voila! Plus a big chunky necklace always seems to bring an outfit together when you're in a rush. The top belongs to my little sister, she forgot it when she went back to university after Christmas and I've been taking full advantage. I'm kinda getting into this whole jean-on-jean thing which I totally didn't see coming, and now I'm officially on the hunt for my own perfect chambray button-up!

xo denj



Cee said...

This denim on denim look is so not an option for me this year, which may be why I love it so much :) And that necklace- amazing!!!

Bren said...

that necklace is siiiick! I loove it! Fab ensemble. HNY! :)

Sally said...

I love days when I can just throw on old favorites to make a look. And that necklace is beautiful! Great boots as well.

chelsea said...

awh you look so pretty. like a j.crew model hehe ;) love the second to last photo too!

xoxo sooo do you go by denj or danielle? :)

Leah said...

Love this. I always wear my chambray shirt, I'm sure once you have your own you will too.
How 'bout we try and go shopping next week? You down?

xo Leah

denj said...

thanks girlie!

i go by both really! and my friends call me danni xoxo

elanor said...

i love your necklace! and yours boots and socks are just so cute. :)


i'm currently having my first ever giveaway - a cute 60s vintage purse! if you have a minute, i'd love for you to come take a look! ♥

Kari said...

Hi sister!
how did i leave it behind?
miss you lots.
say hello to rands for me. and feel free to send me some bonket any time