March 27, 2011

candy hearts

James Jeans, MinkPink blouse (both via Bicyclette), Asos loafers, H&M sunnies, Urban Outfitters bag.
photography by rsimmen


I was so happy when I found these heart shaped sunnies in H&M that I literally started giggling with excitement.  My boyfriend's response: " You aren't actually  going to wear those in public are you?" Bah ha! Yes boyfriend, yes I will. I guess this qualifies heart shaped sunnies as man repellers? Sweet.


xo denj


Becca said...

Haha love the sunnies, too cute! Also I really love those little shoes!

chelsea said...

LOVE this danni! you look so major in this outfit. and I love the writing on the building behind you haha! you are SO gorgeous!


Liz (26 and Counting) said...

Those shades are fantastic! Love that bold print top. So fun and spring-like.

Leah said...

Love it all! The glasses are definite manrepellers but women magnets!

xo L.

Cee said...

Oh my goodness, I am in love with your blouse! The print is just gorgeous. And those heart-shaped sunnies are pretty awesome, too, not going to lie... I had a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses for one of my Barbies when I was little and always secretly wanted a matching pair for myself :)

Cee said...

Okay, I tried to post this one already, so it's either not going to go through at all or you're going to get a duplicate comment :P But I want you to know just how gorgeous your blouse is, I am absolutely in love with the print! The heart-shaped sunglasses are pretty fantastic, too... I had a pair of heart-shaped glasses for one of my Barbies when I was a kid and always secretly wanted a larger pair for myself :)

HollyDolly said...

Oh wow those sunglasses are amazing! Pshhhh what do boys know haha.


Kate said...

I love this, you're so cute! Love the blouse & cute little loafers!

Ellie said...

Those loafers are so cute! I'm going look online for them right now. Love the colorfully laid back look!

Ashley said...

Those heart shaped sunnies are so cute! <3