March 04, 2011

inspiration: jonathan saunders

images via pattern observer


I've been a big fan of Jonathan Saunders ever since I found myself in the London studio where all his patterns/textiles are printed last year. Way exciting. Sadly, I did not get to meet or even sneak a glance at the designer himself, but I did get to see his locker where he keeps all his printing materials. Baby steps right? He's an incredible designer with an amazing eye for colour and pattern. I love how he's mixed different colourways of the same pattern, as well as juxtaposed modern geometrics with floral and fauna in his fall 2011 collection. Genius!


anyhow, just a little weekend inspiration!


xo denj


Cee said...

I loved Jonathan Saunders' collection this season, and that's really saying something, because I am neither a fan of colours nor prints (and certainly not of mixed prints!) in a normal situation. I'm just in awe of his designs.

Laurel said...

Yeah! Those print combos are amazing, but so are those colors! I wish I had all of those pieces...

Kathleen said...

woww these patterns and bright colors are just AMAZING. and i love how you mixed the two photos of the entire outfit and the detail shot. wow, what editing software do you use?! ah thanks so much lovely for sharing this designer with us!! i'm completely in love with his work now! :)

<3, Kathleen.

Alick said...

I have met and got a few photos of Jonathan Saunders, but at the time I didn't really realise who he was. Haha.

Rebecca said...

This was such a beautiful collection! I loved the prints.. beauty.