March 31, 2011

LGFW tuesday

H&M suede skirt, JoeFresh tights, blouse via Mendocino, Aldo wedges, Aritzia belt.
photos courtesy of Leah of Little Red Purse 


Just a quick one! I was a terrible blogger on Tuesday and my camera battery was dead, so I have no photos to share. I have to say, it was kind of nice to see the shows through my own eyes rather than my camera lense!


xo denj


Bren said...

love the dotted top on the left. hotness, yet chic!

B So Chic!

Cee said...

Love your top! On one hand I can't believe you went without a camera on Tuesday... But on the other I totally understand the relief of not having to worry about it :)

Kate said...

I am loving this outfit!! The neutrals, the top, the shoes, and the leopard belt! Love it all, you look gorgeous! Hope you're having fun!

Jodi said...

love the polka dots!

trophyboutique said...

You look gorgeous! who cares if it's a short post? Short but sweet.