July 17, 2011


{dress and skirt: unknown, sandals: Zara, belt: Aritzia, bracelet: Jcrew, bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs. On Kari: dress: Dace, oxfords: Office}

It has been insanely hot in the past week, and I mean that in the best way. Work lunch breaks have been spent outside on Starbuck's patio to soak up as much as possible, and weekends wandering around the city, brunching, and reading books and doing word puzzles in the park. All the best nothingness of summer. I started this outfit with the blue skirt in the first few pictures and the dress worn as a shirt, but it was so hot that shedding any unnecessary layers was the only way to cope. We found the most amazing wall off of Queen St. and the yellow dress was a perfect match. Serendipitous maybe? haha, anyways the real best part is the window in the sky - its like it's straight out of  Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or something, I love it!

xo denj


Felicity said...

Holy shit! I didn't realize it was a wall : 0.
Love the shoes.

Sarah Konyer said...

Love that creepy little window! What a perfect photo!!! xo

Kate said...

That window is so neat! Totally agree! And you are looking adorable as always! Gotta love these hot summer days! I need to make an effort to soak more of it up!

Lynzy said...

That wall is so perfect with your outfit. What a great mural! :)
xo Lynzy

Candice said...

Love that yellow dress! You look super pretty and summery : ) Hope you're having the best summer xo

Cee said...

Want to send some of that sunshine and warmth to Vancouver? Our summer has been miserable so far. I'm just love yellow- your dress is so gorgeous, and even better when paired with that bright blue skirt- I just wish I had a reason to wear a bright outfit like this!

Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

Augh. I'm just too jealous right now! All my family is out East too and are gloating over the gorgeous sun and heat they've been enjoying... I really really hope we get our share out here too!
But I'm glad you're loving it and taking advantage, the outfit is so cute and you're right, that wall is PERFECT! Definitely serendipitous and sunshiney! xx

Kristin said...

Wow! That is the most amazing backdrop - it tricked me for a second there! I found a real yellow field this weekend, and your dress would have matched perfectly there as well.

I love the touch of leopard print in your belt, and how you tied it in front. I need to learn this trick!

And that brunch? Holy. Waaaant.


Leah said...

I love the bright yellow with the contrasting blue skirt. I feel you on having to strip off some layers though! It's been steamy these last few days! Looking beautiful still though as always.

xo Leah

Rebecca said...

What amazing wall art! A beautiful backdrop for photos, for sure, and a perfect match for that pretty yellow dress. I also love that skirt, such a pretty print!