September 03, 2011


{dress: Forever21, flats: Zara, bag: NineWest}

A few more film photos from NY. Back to regular programming soon!

Happy Long Weekend!

xo denj


Rebecca said...

Lovely shots! I really like the lightness of these, very pretty. (Also - a little jealous of those amazing Zara flats).

robinkatherine said...

I miss you guys!

Cee said...

I love all of your photos from New York, the way the film came out makes everything look so romantic and vintage :) And those Zara shoes are just adorable! The Zara here so rarely has shoes, and I always envy the beautiful ones you find!

couturelust said...

gorgeous photos! such a light airy feel

Sara said...

Beatuiful photos! Love your Zara flats! :)

Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

Danielle, I'm completely in love with all of your travel photos! The way you've arranged and edited them is simply perfect. And now I want to just wander around and travel even more, darn it! I'll have to just go through old travel photos and test out some of your inspiring techniques to tide me over!