September 24, 2011

straight up

{photos by sarah}

Until a few weeks ago I hadn't straightened my hair in months. I usually go for the curling iron to add a few soft waves because my frizz prone hair lasts 2 minutes in the humidity when I attempt to straighten it. So when the lovely people at Misikko asked me to review one of their Hana 1.5" straighteners, I was secretly nervous, but to my great relief it works like a charm! I am absolutely loving having the option of styling my hair totally straight again. They basically carry every hair styling product you could ever imagine, moroccan oil,  Original Chi products, you name it!

xo denj

ps. outfit details coming tomorrow!


S4SisterStyle said...

nice blog!follow us and we will follow you too!

Sarah said...

You're so cute Danni! Pretty hair and loving the new Denj bracelets!!! xo

Rebecca Jane said...

Not only does your hair look fantastic (I too got one of the same straighteners a while back, and it works SO WELL), but that sweater! Oh my gosh! I am obsessed with the colour and hope it is not thrifted because I kind of want to copy it, right now.