October 01, 2012

society 6 + denj

images via society6, patterns by denj

I've finally posted my pattern designs on Society 6, an amazing artist&designer community website that produces product from artworks posted. Each designer creates their own shop and selects the products they prefer to make available, ranging from printed canvases, to tote bags, to t-shirts and my personal favoutite: iphone cases. Check out my shop here! More designs coming soon!

xo denj


Cee said...

What an amazing collaboration! These cases are all gorgeous, you're seriously making me wish I had an iPhone! Off to check out your shop :)

C H I A R A said...

OOH i'm in love with these iphone covers!!!
really artistic!

Martha said...

Lovely blog!

xx, Martha

barb c said...

These are beautiful! I love the Valley of the Dolls.

So glad you're back blogging regularly!

criscrascrus said...

i love the last case! xx

pearlsandlaceblog.com said...

These are gorgeous!! Thanks for checking out my blog :)

xo jen

Rebecca Jane said...

I love all your prints!