January 17, 2013


So yes, I am obsessed with these shoes, in case you couldn't already tell. I took every opportunity to wear them during the warm temperatures last weekend and they are now sadly waiting in my closet for spring to arrive. Waiting patiently for warmer temperature is not going to be easy...

xo denj

jacket//Bloomindales (similar)
tunic//Free People
jeans//AG jeans


Kate said...

I LOVE your jacket, lady! It's so, so cute! And yes, I feel the same way... we had a super mild weekend and I broke out spring shoes and now I am pining for real spring to arrive! xo!

Rebecca Jane said...

Great shoes! I love that pretty necklace too!

Petite Adventures said...

Great blouse - the colours are amazing!

Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca